Welcome to Dapp

Welcome to DappDapp is a small peaceful hamlet located 15 minutes north of Westlock. It is a strong agricultural community in the Pembina River Valley. Dapp has an excellent elementary school, an outdoor skating rink, Catholic church, a community hall, a hotel, a store located along highway 44 and one of the best ball diamonds around. It's an active community with many activities and events going on throughout the year. One of the biggest highlights is Dapp's Canada Day Celebration. Dapp is a great recreational area with many lakes close by. Long Island Lake Municipal Campground and boat launch offers a lovely beach, swimming and great fishing to visitors- and is located only minutes away from Dapp. This scenic lake is well known as a haven for loons and many other bird species. There is something for everyone in this small beautiful community.

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  • Avon - Kim Klein - 780-954-2513
  • Norwex - Kendra Seatter - 780-954-2201                   
  • Dapp Corner Store & Liquor Store - 780-954-3852 
  •  Fuel, Propane, Lottery, Groceries, DVD Rentals, Post Office, Hunting & Fishing Supplies & Licenses
  • Burchett Fuels - Albert Burchett - 780-954-2574, Cell - 780-349-0352, 1-888-954-3732  Lubricants & Bulk Fuel                Businesses
  • Willow Haven Homespun - Ed & Leahann Rottier - 780-954-2018 Greenhouses, Gardens and more   
  • Certified Esthetician - Erin English - 780-954-2407 Manicures, Pedicures & Waxing
  • Massage - Lillian Gilbertson - 780-954-2216 Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage Therapy
  • Hudec Electric -  780-954-3862   Commercial - Residential, Maintenance, Trenching 
  • Dapp Commercial Hotel - 780-954-3774
  • Verdant Energy - Dapp Power LP

Services & Clubs

  • Dapp Hall Bookings - 780-954-3983
  • Catholic Church -  Services every Sunday 8:30AM
  • Cedar Creek Christian Fellowship - Pastor Ken Stange - 780-954-2611/954-2050
    Services every Sunday 10AM
  • Long Island Lake 
  • Floor Curling - Dapp Hall Monday Nights Nov. to March - 780-954-2385                                          
  • Long Island Lake Light Horse Association